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Dr. Cathy Lawi is a certified trauma therapist, as well as a life coach, a breath therapist, and a group leader.

French born, Cathy studied in the UK, Switzerland and the US. She holds a PhD from Geneva University, and a post doctorate from University of California, San Francisco Medical Center. She spent the first part of her professional life in cancer research, and then managed the development of anti-cancer blockbusters, before creating several biotech start ups. While living in Switzerland, Cathy Lawi became recognized as a leader in biotechnology, and was cited by the Swiss economy magazine Bilan as one of the most influential people in this field.

After overing Peter Levine´s book “Waking the Tiger”, Cathy decided to dedicate her life to a totally new area of science and became a Somatic Experiencing (SE) practitioner. Following SE, she continued to study an array of therapeutic and group leadership techniques. She is passionate about the healing potential of SE, its far reaching applications, and in particular its capacity to provide unique tools of self regulation and stress management for individuals and families.

Today Cathy manages the Israeli branch of the International Trauma Institute (ITI-Israel), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing emotional first aid and resilience-building tools to different sectors of the population. ITI was chosen by the Israeli government as one of the primary methods to help a whole population in times of stress and threat.

Cathy is responsible for nationwide community projects. ITI-Israel is currently promoting emotional first-aid programs in the medical sector, at the Schneider Children Medical Center; as well as with the Education Ministry, Medical & First Responders sectors and Homefront Command.